Book_CoverValuable lessons from Japan’s mobile industry yield six immutable laws for mobile business. Globally Japan’s mobile customers have enjoyed better mobile devices, more content, and the most advanced functionality and services for more than a decade. Now, this book helps cut through the many myths and all of the hype surrounding Japan’s mobile dominance to identify the most important laws that will guide the success of mobile businesses around the world.

Based on detailed market analysis and unprecedented access to the major players and pioneers of the Japanese mobile industry, this publication helps readers understand the six immutable laws of mobile business. These laws will help businesses successfully navigate the challenges that the world’s Wireless Revolution brings. From Law #1 through Law #6, authors Philip Sugai, Marco Koeder, and Ludovico Ciferri guide readers to distinguish mobile myth from mobile fact, micro developments from macro trends, and regional characteristics from universal truths.

Immutable Law #1—Value Over Culture
Immutable Law #2—The Law of the Ecosystem
Immutable Law #3—Mobility Empowers
Immutable Law #4—The Value of Time Zones
Immutable Law #5—Mobile-Specific Business Models Are Essential
Immutable Law #6—The Future Is Simplexity

The book highlights Japan’s incredible efforts to offer consumers complex, high-tech devices with enriched services that are nonetheless elegant and easy to use, a quest that the authors have labeled “Simplexity.” Based on their interviews and observations, the authors assert that “Simplexity” will be what truly empowers individual users through their mobile devices.

Filled with case studies exploring all aspects of the Japanese mobile industry, this unique publication points carriers and content and service providers toward successful business models and practices for the present and future mobile Internet.