IFRA Tokyo Mobile Tour, Tokyo, May 26th, 2010

The IFRA tour of Tokyo was back at the end of May, and we presented our Six Laws in a more interactive, face-to-face session.

The main focus was the impact that the Six Laws can have on individual companies within the European publishing industry, through an interactive Q&A session.

Mobile Media Day, IFRA, Amsterdam, May 18th, 2010

At the Mobile Media Day, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we presented our views related to how the publishing industry can embrace the mobile platform for success.

Using case studies and insights from the Japanese mobile market, each of the Six Laws was discussed and analyzed within the context of Publishing.

American Chamber of Commerce Japan, Tokyo, May 14th, 2010

The Six Laws authors presented a roadmap for the future of wireless services looking first at the most important lessons learned from the Japanese mobile market. After the presentation we had a lively discussion about the future of mobile handset makers  and carrier in Japan. Thank you everybody for your comments and your hospitality.

Book Break, Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, Tokyo, April 12th, 2010

We presented the The Six Laws at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan for their evening book break.  We explored the many hidden secrets of success for the world’s mobile industry and ended up in interesting discussions about the Japanese mobile economy and the overall future of mobile technology and services.

Tokyo 2.0 & Mobile Monday, Mobile Web Convergence Event, Tokyo, Feb 8th, 2010
Marco presented to the Tokyo mobile crowd at Super Deluxe in February on the first joint Tokyo 2.0 and Mobile Monday event.

Different from other presentations we did so far, this time we looked beyond the current mobile developments into the mobile future. Will mobile replace the PC by 2013 as the main access device as Gartner predicted recently? What has “mobile” to offer in the long term?

We named the presentation “keep it vibration”, which was one of the first working titles for our book.

Thank you everybody for attending and it was a real interesting evening.

International Computer Association, Special Event, Tokyo, Jan. 19, 2010
Marco presented the book as well as the concept of Simplexity at a special ICA evening event in Tokyo on January 19th focusing on case studies and successful business models and practices for the present and future mobile Internet featured in the book. For us authors this was the first time to present the book in Japan.

WAN-IFRA, Digital Asia Summit, Singapore, Nov. 19, 2009
Philip spoke at the WAN-IFRA Digital Asia Summit to introduce the concepts of the Six Immutable Laws for the world’s publishing industry leaders. In this presentation he focused on how changes in the Mobile/Wireless industry will especially impact news publishers and how they can leverage the Six Immutable Laws for their benefit over the long term.

Munich, October 28th, Munich Media Days Event
Marco joined a round-table discussion at the Munich Media Days on October 28th via video-conference to discuss about the future potentials of mobile content in Europe. Based on the learnings from Japan he pointed out that the ecosystem as well as Flatrates play a major role in the successful monetization of mobile content.

Hamburg, September 1st 2009, “Get in Touch with Mobile Media” Workshop
Marco held a full day workshop for German executives in the publishing business on September 1st in Hamburg. The key strategies of the Six Immutable Laws of Mobile played an important role in identifying potential businesses and opportunities in the mobile field in Europe.

Pacific Asian Management Institute (PAMI), Shidler College of Business,
University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, July 14th

Philip conducted a lecture on the Six Immutable Laws and the importance that these hold for U.S.-based businesses. Especially as the U.S. is now in a position of catching up to the many advancements made over the last ten years within the Japanese market, he outlined the best practices and lessons learned that U.S. businesses could use to catapult themselves into becoming leading global players.